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The Bright Red Apartment Part Eight


Story Title: The Bright Red Apartment
Chapter: either and nine
Speaker: Phil then Keely
Characters: Keely, Phil
Word Count: 408
Rating: NC-17


I took her hand and stepped into the shower. I tugged on her arm as she pouted and refused to stand for just a moment before grinning and getting in after me.

Stepping backwards into the flow of water I pulled her to me and kissed her, warm water running down her hair and cheeks. Her mascara streaked down ever so slightly and she laughed, biting my lower lip as I pulled away to push wet chunks of hair away from her face.

"You're beautiful," I said, but suddenly felt silly.

She kissed me before I could blush and apologize. She wrapped her arms around me, sliding one hand down and grabbing my butt. We laughed into each other and I put my arms around her. For what seemed like a perfect forever we held each other.

It was when she giggled that I realized how hard I was and pressing against her hip. I groaned as she leaned against me, pushing me to the cold wall and grinding her hips on mine.

"Well, Mr. Diffy. It would seem," she said, sliding her fingers around to my member, "we have a problem on our hands."

She had that look in her eyes. That look I love. My Keely.


"And how do you propose we solve it?" he asked, breathless and waiting. He looked like a kid waiting to be told the snow last night had in fact been bad enough to cancel school.

I started to grin, but tried to cover it with a kinky seductive glare. "The only way we can, Mr. Diffy," I said, "the only way we can."

I slid him inside me gently so that only the first inches were in, then thrust forward, pushing tight up against him. We were both grinning like idiots by then. I ground up against him, breathless and laughing, his hands on my hips, pulling me hard against him. He bowed his neck, letting his forehead rest on my shoulder. I could feel his breath hard on my shoulder as the water trickled down my back.

"Keely," he rasped.

"What?" I asked, stilling my motion for a moment.

"You are," breath, "the best," breath, "girlfriend," breath, "ever."

I laughed and ground faster up against him. His fingers dug into my skin, hard but it didn't hurt. I was getting close. My motion was starting to lose it's rhythm as I started to lose control.
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