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The Bright Red Apartment Part Six

Story Title: The Bright Red Apartment
Chapter: six
Speaker: 3rd Person
Characters: Keely, Phil
Word Count: 441
Rating: PG


She said goodbye to Kenneth outside Molly's. He was in a hurry to leave.

"I'd offer ta walk yeh home, but..."

"Don't worry about it... I think I can get where I'm going fine."

"Ena time yeh need a shoulder."

He winked before leaving her standing in the cold, hugging herself and thinking. She was several blocks away from the apartment by now, and her stomach was threatening to drop.

She knew what she had to do... what she wanted to do, but making that first step was hard.

I'll just go back. Go back and tell him... tell him what?

Oh how she wanted to go back. But her feet wouldn't move. What would she say when he opened the door? "I changed my mind?" But she hadn't changed her mind. She was still just as uncomfortable with the idea of his parents knowing every time they were having sex. She was still totally weirded out that he wasn't uncomfortable with it.

And the longer she stood there thinking it over in her head, the less and less she wanted to go back. Her thoughts were working her back up to that place she'd been when she'd left him.

God. Let me... She tried to pray, let me stop thinking. Give me a sign. Anything. Tell me to go back to him.

She looked up, into the gray skies. The wind blew her hair from her face, and quite suddenly, rain began to fall, gentle drops on her cheeks. She laughed and ducked her head out of the sprinkle.

Is this my sign?

But then it wasn't drizzling anymore. It was pouring. Hard and sharp on her face, soaking her instantly. Her jaw went slack and she breathed in.

She hugged herself, standing still for a moment, frozen in the rain, and then stopped thinking, stopped worrying, stopped analyzing, and started running.

She ran hard, the devils of reason nipping at her heals. She pushed as fast as she could go until her heart pounded and drowned out everything else. Her body ached, but she felt nothing. She was flying over the wet pavement. Her feet slipped, but she ran on, unstoppable, unbeatable.

Keely turned a corner, sharp, and pounded up the stairs. She yanked the door open, and moved swiftly into the room.

"Keely!" Phil sat alone on the sofa.

"You didn't lock the door," she spoke, quickly, still moving, unhalting toward him.

He was about to speak, but she was on him, kissing his lips, and crying silently, clinging tight to his shoulders.

"I love you." She gasped between kisses. "I don't know anything, but I love you."
Tags: the bright red apartment
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