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The Bright Red Apartment Part Four

Story Title: The Bright Red Apartment
Chapter: four
Speaker: 3rd Person
Characters: Phil, Colin
Word Count: 378
Rating: PG


Phil climbed down the ladder into the dim rusty light, and turned when he hit the wood flooring. He was faced by a thin young man in his mid-twenties with unkempt, brown hair, and horn-rimmed glasses, who was standing a little too close.

"Uh... hi," Phil said, apologetic.

"You must be Phil," he said, matter of fact, and turned away, picking up a cardboard box. He wore a maroon and orange rugby sweater, and ass hugging jeans (girl jeans).

Taken aback, Phil answered. "Yes, how did you--?"

"I over heard your mom telling my boss."

"Oh?" Phil followed him out of what appeared to be a backroom into the front of the new age store, Goddess.

It had looked much smaller from the outside than it was on the in. Its walls were rich and dark, the many lamps dimmed with rosy scarves, and the air thick with incense. Phil followed the young man down one of many rows of bookshelves to where he set down his box, ripped it open and started stocking the books.

"She owns the whole building, my boss. Barbara rented the apartment from her. It's been empty for years."

"I see..."

"Hang on... I was supposed to tell you something..." he thought for a moment, pushing up the bridge of his glasses. "There's a... there's a bologna sandwich in the fridge for you."

"What? I checked the fridge and--"

"The downstairs one, in the backroom. The upstairs fridge is broken... and ancient. You'll be using the downstairs one until the upstairs one is either fixed or replaced."

"Oh... okay."

"Oh, but she said that once I told you that I was supposed to tell you to go back upstairs and wait for her."

Phil nodded and started to walk away.


Phil turned back.

"If you wanted. Some friends and I are going out tonight for karaoke. You could come with if you like."


"I know what it's like to have your parents fight over you."

"I don't--"

"Sorry. S'none of my business. Just... I'm Colin." He stuck out a hand for Phil to take.

"Phi... you already knew that..." Phil shook Colin's hand.

Colin grinned. "I get a dinner break at five, if you want to hang out."
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