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Something in his Eyes Part Fourteen

Story Title: Something in his Eyes
Chapters: Twenty-four and Twenty-Five
Speaker: Keely then Phil
Characters: Keely and Phil
Word Count: 541
Rating: NC-17


Of all the things God invented, sex is the best. Every time I look at Phil those words pop into my head. There is nothing on this planet quite as wonderful as looking at Phil when he's looking at me.

I sat up from where he'd laid me and kissed him softly, again and again... the most wonderful boy in the world, holding me in his arms. With one hand on his shoulder, I pressed him gently backwards, until he was leaning with his back against a moss-covered boulder. I untangled my legs from his and ran my hand down his stomach to where two lines formed a faint V at his hips, pointing down to his cock, a formidable foe, but I was determined to beat it.

My lips lowered, touching the tip of it gently. I could hear his breath quicken. I wanted to laugh, but composed myself, spreading my lips a fraction of an inch, letting my tongue brush against his skin. It was still wet with my cum, wet and warm and wonderful. My mouth opened wider as I slowly sucked him in an inch, and then another.

From the awkward angle at which I held my head I could see his hand close in a fist on the ground. I pulled my face back, flipping my hair away from my face, and looking up at him as I went back down, kissing. I wrapped my right hand around the base of his member and held tight, rubbing up and down, my lips pressed gently to the head of it.

"Penises are weird." I laughed, straightening my back, my hand moving continually.

"Penii. Penii are weird."

"You just made that up," I accused, smiling up at his smirking face. "A little vocal encouragement might be good," I mimicked his earlier words.

He laughed and leaned his head backward. "Keely! Keely!"

We laughed together.


The laughter faded as she became more serious in her task, sucking hard on my cock, her tongue flicking over it, maddeningly. I began to feel myself slip away as her hand tightened. She meant business. Her free hand was rubbing delicately, up and down my thigh. I was about to explode, I could feel it, and she could to.

Her motion slowed suddenly. She moved her head slowly, wonderfully, forward and backward, taking me in and pushing me out, long fingers running gently over my balls.

With a kiss she pulled her lips away. "You're ready?"

I nodded. Anything else required more attention than I was willing to devote to anything but the feeling that shot through me with every rhythmic movement of her fingerers on my skin.

She got up on her knees and took my hand, setting it on her breast, then grabbed hold of my cock like it was a joystick. She tugged on it, back and forth, watching my expressions from eye level. She moved her hand, again and again, faster and faster, my pulse quickening, my head reeling, my eyes rolling back into my head. My neck bent till I was leaning on her shoulder. I panted, unable to control anything but my hands that clung tightly to her, one hand at her breast, one at her back.
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