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Something in his Eyes Part Eleven

Story Title: Something in his Eyes
Chapters: Nineteen and Twenty
Speaker: Phil then Keely
Characters: Keely and Phil
Word Count: 651
Rating: NC-17


She pulled me close to her, kissing me, her warm tongue gentle on my lips. With her hands in mine she led me further into the shadow of the trees. She sat down on the mossy floor and let go of my hands. She smiled up at me, leaning back supporting her weight on both palms, and then she reached her long, thin fingers down to undo the top button of her pants.

The uncontrollable urge to look away returned, coupled with the incredible need to stare. She slid her hand underneath and closed her eyes. I could see the muscles of her arm tense and flex as she moved her fingers beneath the denim of her jeans. Her left foot was slowly moving up and down my calf. She opened her eyes and smiled at me. An evil smile.

"You're crazy, you know that?"

She just laughed and nodded her head, in invitation. I dropped slowly to my knees and hooked my fingers at the waist of her jeans. She lifted her hips from the ground as I pulled her pants down to her ankles and off.

She pressed her still wet fingers to my cheek, as I pulled her bottoms down. I kissed the palm of her hand and then bowed my head. Her long fingers entwined themselves in my hair as my lips met with her pussy.


It was strange watching his face disappear into me. He buried his face in my heat, rubbing his nose in an Eskimo kiss against my clit. A soft grinning breath escaped me. He pulled away and with two fingers spread me wide, then lowered his mouth to a wide open kiss, his tongue running in a gentle, teasing way over me.

I ran my fingers through his hair, and he looked up into my eyes. He laughed, his breath cool and tickling on my warm skin, and then plunged deeper. He slid two strong fingers inside me, and gently moved them searching diligently. My back arched suddenly and my hips thrust forward against his lips. Nerve endings were going off like mad all across my body. He laughed.

"Oh god," I whispered as my body lowered back to the mossy ground.

He laughed, pulling his lips away from me.

"Don't stop." Begging suddenly seemed very reasonable.

"I think I just hit the spot." He looked ludicrously pleased with himself.

"What spot?"

"Hang on, I think I can find it again."

He pushed his fingers back inside and rubbed them slowly across the inner surface. The same involuntary motion racked me as the feeling of sudden and completely uncontrollable euphoria returned.

He was grinning. "I just found your g-spot."

I blushed.

He kissed me hard on the lips, holding my lips to his with one hand at the back of my head, and ran his fingers over it again. A scream of ecstasy escaped me, muffled by his lips on mine. He pinned me to the ground with his body, and slowly, wonderfully stroked his fingers across my g-spot over and over again. My eyes went out of focus. I clung to his shoulders for support, for restraint, for anything. His tongue pressed deep into my mouth, over my teeth.

And then suddenly he stopped. He stopped kissing me, stopped touching me, and pulled away. His face, quizzical, swam back into focus. I stared into his dark, unrevealing eyes. I was about to question him when suddenly his stable hand was back against me, rubbing quickly and hard against the spot. My whole body writhed with pleasure. I bit back screams, arching up and gripping the back of his shirt. For a moment that seemed to last forever I ceased to be anything but an orgasm, and then I fell back to the earth, limp and panting.

My eyes fluttered open and closed, my heart was pounding in my ears. He kissed my cheek.
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