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A Letter of Apology

It's 2AM, and I've taken a break from my frantic last minute Storyboarding, primarily to eat, but also to send out a message to you, my dedicated readers. You have been fantastically supportive, and it really has meant a lot to me. Every time I get a comment in my inbox I smile a little. I also feel incredible amounts of guilt, because I know I've left you all hanging in a very maddening place (they were seriously about to have sex in a shower!).

Understand that this is not being written to tell you that I've given up on the smut fic. Nor is it being written as an attempt to excuse myself from letting you guys down (as I feel I have). I merely want to... explain my current situation, in hopes that it'll help... make my large absenses understandable.

The last few months have been... to say the least, stressful. After a series of mental breakdowns brought on by stress, poor schedualing and serious family issues, I find myself about to shoot a short film with real actors coming down from LA. If I thought the last couple of months were a strain, the next three weeks will be HELL. That's right, all caps. It's that bad.

I won't be getting any sleep, and I'll be very cranky indeed.

Tonight is the first of my sleepless nights. I actually made the consious decision tonight to not sleep and instead finish the storyboard and shotlist (because if I don't, my crew will beat my ass into a coma). I have a meeting tomorrow morning at 9:30, and I'm basically planning on not sleeping at all. If I happen to finish before 6AM, I might be able to get an hour or two in. Wish me luck.

Anywho, with shooting and editing, I don't plan on having any free time until May 18th, my last day of school for the Spring Semester. I've been refusing to promise anyone (even my friends) any of my time until then. And I plan on sleeping for at least 48 hours straight as soon as school is actually over, so I'll really be out of commission until the 20th.

If by random chance I find myself with enough time to write a chapter between then and now, I'll be there. Unfortunately, it doesn't look likely.

So, hopefully that clears things up. I really want to thank you guys for all your kind words. They really do help. Hopefully I'll be seeing you soon, and hopefully when I do I'll have something to show for it.

<3<3 Frankie
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