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The Bright Red Apartment Part Seven

Story Title: The Bright Red Apartment
Chapter: seven
Speaker: 3rd Person
Characters: Keely, Phil
Word Count: 678
Rating: NC-17


"You're all wet," were the first words out of his mouth, mixed with laughter as her barrage of kisses slowed.

"Sorry." Her apology was muffled, her face buried in his collar.

"Don't be. I'm not attacked by hot, wet chicks often enough to complain."

She laughed.

"But." He grunted, resituating himself under her. "I have to admit... the wet part... not so pleasant. I mean... It's great in theory... just a little cold with the draft from the door."

Keely sat up, and looked him in the eyes. He smiled, and ran his hands up and down her arms. She was shivering.

He tugged on her sleeve. "Lets get you out of these."

Clothes came off like wrapping paper. Phil lifted her shirt and spread his fingers across her stomach, let them slide around to her back and undo the clasp of her bra.

They kissed, wet, and happy, forgetting for a moment, everything outside themselves. She unbuttoned his shirt, and he groaned as she pushed her hips hard against his. He murmured in her ear for her to hold on, and got up to his feet, her legs wrapped round his waist.

He stumbled backwards into the bathroom, his back hitting hard on the tiled walls. He cried out momentarily as his head knocked the tile, then set her down on her feet, and unbuckled his pants. She sat on the toilet lid to pull her pants down to her ankle. Sopping they clung to her skin, but relented at last, letting her long legs out into the light.

Phil turned on the shower, hot water, dropping what was left of his clothes to the ground, kicking his shoes down the hall. He got down and took Keely's wet shoes off her feet. She smiled as he got up on his knees and kissed her, one hand snaking its way down the front of her panties.

She struggled to reach out, and pull the door closed.

Gruffly he yanked her panties down to her knees, and all the way off. She leaned back and spread her legs wide, a half joking invitation, but he took it. Phil buried his nose in her wet pussy. She groaned and threw her head back.

"You must really love pussy," spoke in between moans, one hand mussing up his hair.

He pulled back for just a moment to utter the words, "only one," then put one hand on either side of her ass to pull her closer to the edge of the seat.

With his tongue circling her clit in a soft, steady rhythm, and two fingers pressing deep inside her, he closed his eyes and listened to her shallow breath.

"By the end of a week I'm gonna owe you so bad," she whispered in desperation.

He laughed, his breath fluttering on her skin. She giggled at the touch, then gasped and bucked forward, her hips pressing hard against his face. His fingers had hit the right spot again. She grabbed a hold of the edge of the tub with one hand, the other still laced in his hair, holding him against her.

His finger continued to rub against her G-spot, but his body backed away.

"You're pulling my hair," he mumbled.

"Sorry," she blushed hard, but quickly threw her head back.

"It's okay... it was actually kind of kinky."

Keely laughed, and looked back down at his smiling face.

"You'd better stop cracking jokes. I'll never cum that way. It's too distracting."

He pushed his lips into her pussy and blew against her skin, making farting noises, and a very interesting sensation.

"Stop it." She smiled down at him.

"I think the water's hot," he said, looking over at the steam coming out from the bathtub. He gently removed his hand from her pussy.

"But--" she started to argue, looking as though her birthday had been cancelled.

"No point in wasting hot water."

She pouted as he got up to his feet. He held out his hand, which reluctantly, she took, and stepped into the steamy hot shower.
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