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Something in his Eyes part Seventeen

Story Title: Something in his Eyes
Chapters: twenty-nine, thirty, thirty-one
Speaker: Keely, 3rd Person Objective, Keely
Characters: Keely, Phil, Lloyd and Barb
Word Count: 355
Rating: PG-13


We ran all the way to 12th street without a word.

"Where are we going?" I couldn't help but ask him.

"The address is on Maythere Road."

"Isn't that downtown?"

"Yeah... over by Wilkin's Dinner."

"Why are we going there, exactly?"

"When we got here... Mom told me she would go find a place to park the time machine, and a place for us to stay... She said she would find me when she had somewhere for me to go, so I just didn't worry about it..."

"But isn't Wilkin's in the... shady part of town?"

"Yeah... kind of."


Barbara was straddling her husband, holding him down to the ground. As her son was out of sight she stood and let him up. He grumbled and groaned, pulling himself up. He wasn't as limber as her. The struggle had strained him where she seemed to be completely fine.

"You're being unreasonable," Lloyd complained loudly, popping his neck.

"I'm protecting Phil."

"What do you have to protect him from?" He was furious, red in the face.

"You." Her answer was simple and calm.

He got to his feet, grumbling. "You should spend your time protecting him from real dangers. They're having sex."


"There are these nasty things in this century... they're called STDs."

"Don't patronize me."

"Don't gamble with our son's life."

"Lloyd, you know Keely. She's a good girl."

"Even the best of girls make mistakes."

"You're wrong about her."

"And you know this, HOW? Where's the evidence, Barb?"

"No evidence. Just faith. Phil's old enough. He knows exactly what he's gambling, and if he believes in her, I believe in her."


"2121 Maythere Road..." I laughed, "cute..."

He'd led me down a back alley to Maythere. The apartment was above a new age shop called "goddess."

He smiled and shook his head, muttering, "mom." "Lets go," he said, leading me to the stairs that ran along the side of the building.

We climbed up the warped, wooden steps to a landing and a doorway. The blue paint on the door was pealing. He put the key in the lock and led me inside.
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