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Something in his Eyes Part Sixteen

Story Title: Something in his Eyes
Chapters: Twenty-Eight
Speaker: Phil
Characters: Keely, Phil, Lloyd and Barb
Word Count: 212
Rating: PG


"You have some explaining to do," Dad said.

He was only yards away, and approaching fast, but suddenly out of nowhere a flying blur with brown hair tackled him to the ground. It was Mom.



"Mrs. Diffy?"

"Get off me! I need to talk with our son."

It wasn't a happy reunion.

"You'll talk to me, and then I'll decide if you can talk to Phil."


"Phil, take Keely and go somewhere safe," Mom said, still pinning Dad to the grass.

"Let go of me!"


"Do as I say." Her voice was calm, but urgent.

"Do you know what they were doing in there?" Dad asked.

"I know exactly what they were doing."

"What!?" Keely sounded horrified.

"Were you watching us?!" I couldn't keep my voice down.

"Phil. This is not the time." She threw a set of keys at me. "Take those. Follow the address on the tag. Lock the door and don't let anyone in, not even me."

It was about then that Dad threw Mom down onto the grass, and struggled to his feet. I pulled keely after me, away, only looking back once to see Mom pulling Dad back down by the leg. They were fighting like children... It was really kind of weird.
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