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Something in his Eyes Part Twelve

Story Title: Something in his Eyes
Chapters: Twenty-One and Twenty-Two
Speaker: Phil then Keely
Characters: Keely and Phil
Word Count: n/a
Rating: NC-17


Her breath became normal and her lips spread into a grin. "Phil," she asked after a long moment in which her hands moved delicately to her breasts, "how do you know so much about sex?"


She laughed, opened her eyes. I stammered.

"When--when I was a kid..."

She cocked one eyebrow and sat up so that we were face to face.

"If we finished our required studies early we were aloud to... have free study."

She snickered and hugged me bringing her lips to my ear. "Bad boy," she whispered.

I laughed, nervously.

Her hands were pulling my shirt up over my head before I could think. She kissed me hard on the lips then brought her mouth back to my earlobe to whisper, "fuck me."

She pulled away from me, turning and getting down on all fours, dressed in nothing but white socks and tennis shoes. I couldn't get my pants off fast enough. For a whole ten seconds I fought with my zipper until I was finally free from the confines of cloth. She reached back and spread the lips of her pussy. Raising her eyebrows at me, as if to say, "coming?"


It didn't hurt so badly when he pushed himself inside me this time. I was still tender but wanted him, desperately even.

"It's okay?" he asked.

"It's fine."

"You're still really tight, are you sure it's okay?"

"I told you to fuck me, Phil. What more invitation do you need?"

Over my shoulder I could see him grin. A Phil grin. An "everything will be okay" grin.

It was slow at first. I bit my lip and breathed through my nose.

"How's that feel?"

I groaned, "feels good..." I was beginning to grow dizzy again.

His thrusting grew faster and harder. I dug my fingers into the moss and bit down harder.

"Keely," he whispered, slowing down and leaning forward, "you don't have to be quiet. No one's going to hear us."

I laughed, a deep moaning laugh, and hung my head. "What? Do you want me to scream? Phil! Phil!"

We laughed.

"No." He straightened and gained speed in his motion. "Some vocal encouragement would be good though."

I grinned and looked back at him. "I love you." I smiled.

"That's nice." He smiled back and pushed in deeper still.

A gasp escaped me and my back arched involuntarily.

"That's what I'm talking about!"

I laughed. "Somehow... this isn't what I pictured you being like..."

"Disappointed?" He grunted, his hands clutching my hips.

"Not really."
Tags: something in his eyes
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