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Something in his Eyes Part Ten

Story Title: Something in his Eyes
Chapters: Seventeen and Eighteen
Speaker: Keely then Phil
Characters: Keely and Phil
Word Count: n/a (sorry, my word processor died. too lazy to actually count them)
Rating: PG


I ran with the wind behind my back. I ran like I'd never done before. I flew.

He was sitting with his head in his hands, on the back of a park bench with his knees up and his feet on the seat.


He looked up as I came at him from the opposite end of the park. A grin spread his face, he stood and jumped down from the bench, stretching his arms out wide. I leapt into his arms, wrapping my legs around his waist and my arms 'round his neck and kissing him through his laughter.

"Keely!" He groaned jovially. "You're choking me."

He stumbled backwards, sitting down on the bench. I untangled my limbs from him and straddled his lap kissing him like he'd disappear if I stopped.

"Keely," he spoke desperately between kisses, "Keely, you're wonderful."

I laughed and pulled away to look into him. He smiled. I hugged him, tight with my cheek resting on his shoulder.

"I was so scared," I whispered, "when I woke up and you weren't there."

"I'm here. I'm here now." He held me close.

I breathed in deeply the scent of his shirt. He smelled of laundry and summer air.

"How long have you sat here?"

I pulled away, examining his sheepish smile.

"I... I left your house at around six in the morning..." He grinned.

"You've been here since six in the morning?"

"I would've woken you up but... you were dreaming. I could here you whispering... you looked so happy. I thought I'd leave to get some air and clear my head but I just.... dunno.... came here... just wanted to be where I knew I would find you."


We walked through the park holding hands. Not the way we did in the beginning. We were comfortable holding each other now. We were happy and quiet and complete. It's funny how you can go all the way and know what it's like to really be with a person, and then something as simple as holding her hand can drive you crazy and make you complete.

She would giggle every once in a while with some off color recollection.

"What's so funny?" I would ask, and she would refuse to tell me, giggling more fiercely than ever.

She put my hand to her back and snaked her hand around my waist, bringing us a step closer. I held tight to her hip as she let her head rest on my shoulder.

"Feels like we should do something." But I didn't know what.


"Dunno... go to the mall.... go to a movie... or dinner..."

"I guess we could."

"No... that's not it. It feels like we shouldn't do anything at all. It feels like we should just be together, and it's weirding me out because it seems like we aught to be doing something. People.... do things... right?"

She laughed. We continued to walk until suddenly she stopped and pulled me so that I was face to face with her.

"I have an idea of something to do."

My breath caught. "Do you?"

She smiled, turned away from me and started off jogging. "Follow me!" she cried, turning back to look.

I chased her down the sidewalk until we were deep into the park, down the hill and into the soccer fields. She ran past the goal posts letting me catch up and then speeding away playfully, and turned into the grove of trees that sat at one end of the little valley.
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